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Home Articles Dresses of Nepal - 7 Beauti Traditional dresses are symbolic of the art and culture of any country. They trace the timeline of the evolution of fashion dating ages back to modern times. These dresses also many times reveal the essence of nationalism of its country. However, they no longer depend on imports from Dhaka. It had become famous during the rule of King Mahendra.

A Nepali national is made to wear that topi in photographs for passports. The topi is widely worn in rituals, weddings, funerals, etc. Although a lot of handlooms have been set in Nepal, they are continuously keeping up their pace to meet the rising demand for their topis. Even today International Nepali Dhoti and Topi day is celebrated all across the world by Nepali Nationals on 1st January to keep their tradition and culture intact.

It is also worn vastly by men of Sikkim and Darjeeling. Daura refers to the upper shirt or Kurta and Suruwal are the trouser worn. For years, Daura Suruwal has remained the same due to its religious significance and nostalgia. The Daura Suruwal consists of 8 strings since 8 is considered to be a lucky number according to the Nepalese people.

This is mostly worn by the Brahmins due to its religious significance. This had further popularised the Daura Suruwal. History holds that Queen Elizabeth had gifted a coat to the Prime Minister which he used to wear over the Daura.

This was a modification to the traditional clothing. Once upon a time, it was mandatory for government officials to make it part of their dress code. These days, they are worn mostly by elderly people. Dhoti Source Clothes used on a day-to-day basis are as important as the festive dresses of Nepal.

Dhoti is such a dress worn on a regular basis by men residing in the more humid parts of Nepal where comfortable wearing is of utmost importance.Brahman and Chhetri are high Hindu Nepalese castes. They have played a more dominant role than have any other group in the formation of the modern Nepalese state. Their moral values and social and political strength continue to play a commanding part in contemporary Nepalese life.

Brahmans are known in Nepali as "Bahuns. Brahmans and Chhetris are found throughout Nepal. Those living in the Terai the low, level strip in the southern part of the country are much like their counterparts across the border in northern India. This article describes those who inhabit the middle hills of Nepal. Here the climate of their villages depends primarily on elevation, which varies from meters or so in the valley bottoms to as high as 2, to 3, meters on the hillsides and tops of ridges.

Because the Nepalese census does not record the caste status of citizens, it is impossible to know how many Brahmans and Chhetris inhabit the country; but probably the two castes together constitute the largest group in Nepal.

Dresses of Nepal - 7 Beautiful Traditional Nepalese Dresses

Their percentage of the population declines from the western hills, where they comprise well over half the population, to the east, where they are usually one among many minorities. Linguistic Affiliation. Brahmans and Chhetris speak the national language, Nepali, as their mother tongue. Like Sanskritthe language from which it is descended, Nepali is written in the Devanagari script, which is a syllabary rather than an alphabet.

The rate of literacy among Brahman men, whose traditional priestly role required them to read sacred Hindu texts, is well above the national average.

Brahmans are thought to have begun emigrating to the far western Nepalese hills in the twelfth century after they were dislodged by Muslim invasions in India. In the Nepal hills they encountered the Khas, people of the same general background as the Brahmans, who nevertheless ranked low in the caste order because of their deviance from orthodox caste rules. Both the Khas and the progeny of unions of Brahman men and Khas women, called Khatri, were granted the status of Chhetri.

The existence of Matwali Chhetris those who drink liquorwho do not wear the sacred thread, is evidence that not all Khas were accorded Chhetri status.

chhetri dress

Brahmans and Chhetris live in villages, hamlets, and isolated homesteads. The walls of their small houses are constructed from stone or mud brick, painted red ocher around the base, whitewashed above, and topped with a thatched roof.

Jhumke Bulaki by Sumitra Koirala \u0026 Alif Khan - Feat. Sudhir Shrestha \u0026 Anjali Adhikari - New Song

The floors and interior walls are made from a mixture of cow dung and mud, which dries to a clean, hard surface. The houses of those living in towns, such as Kathmanduthe capital, are larger and are made of brick and cement. Subsistence and Commercial Activities. Rural Brahmans and Chhetris keep a few cattle and raise crops in their terraced fields. Brahmans also act as family priests, and Chhetris serve in both the Nepalese army and the Gorkha Gurka brigades of the British and Indian armies.

In urban areas both castes are prominent in government service, financial services, and politics. Industrial Arts. Any needs that Brahmans and Chhetris experience for craft and industrial products are met by lower-ranked artisan castes, such as blacksmiths, tailors, and leather workers.

In rural areas Brahmans and Chhetris typically rely on others, such as Newar shopkeepers, for their commercial requirements.Khas Chhetris were traditionally considered a division of the Khas people with Khas Brahmin commonly called Khas Bahun. Chhetri is considered a direct derivative of the Sanskrit word Kshatriya. They are thought to be connected to the Khasas mentioned in the ancient Indian literature and the medieval Khasa kingdom.

In the early modern history of Nepal, Chhetris played a key role in the Unification of Nepalproviding the core of the Gorkhali army of the midth century. During the monarchy, Chhetris continued to dominate the ranks of the Nepalese governmentNepalese ArmyNepalese Police and administration. The most prominent feature of Nepalese Chhetri society has been the ruling Shah dynasty — [note 1]the Rana Prime Ministers —Pande familyThapa familyBasnyat family.

chhetri dress

In traditional and administrative professions, Chhetris were given favorable treatment by the royal government. The nobility of Gorkha were mainly from Chhetri families and they had a strong presence in civil administration affairs. Between andout of the 16 Prime Ministers of Nepal, 5 of them were Chhetris. Chhetris dominated the position of the senior officers of the Nepali Army comprising Similarly, Chhetris composed of Clans of the Chhetri include: [27]. The Nepal census recorded Chhetris as the largest Hindu adherents in the nation with 43,65, people which is The ancient religion of the Chhetri is Masto which uses nature worship and can still be seen in western Nepal's Karnali district and in India's Gorkhaland.

This greatly exceeds the Kshatriya portion in most regions with predominantly Hindu populations. Chhetris are largest caste group in 21 districts of Nepal as per Nepal census and 24 districts as per Nepal census. These twenty four districts are - Dhankuta districtSankhuwasabha districtOkhaldhunga districtUdayapur districtRamechhap districtDolakha DistrictSalyan districtSurkhet districtDailekh districtJajarkot districtDolpa districtJumla districtMugu districtHumla districtBajura districtBajhang districtAchham districtDoti districtKailali districtDadeldhura districtBaitadi districtDarchula districtKalikot district and Kanchanpur district.

Chhetri together with Bahun and thakuri falls under Khas Aryawho are denied quota and reservations in civil services and other sectors due to their history of socio-political dominance in Nepal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For military and ruling class in Hinduism, see Kshatriya. Kshatriya caste of patrilineal Khas-Aryan descent. Selected ethnic groups of Nepal ; Chhetri are members of the wider Pahari community yellow. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved Ratna Pustak Bhandar.

Social exclusion and Maoist insurgency. A History of Nepali Literature. Sahitya Akademi. Faces of Nepal. Himal Books. Marshall Cavendish. Cultural History of Nepal. Anmol Publications.

Dynamics of a hill society: Nepalis in Darjeeling and Sikkim Himalayas.

chhetri dress

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Brahman and Chhetri of Nepal

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