Microblading vs tattoo eyeliner

It seems that the XXI century is the century of eyebrows, as they are considered to be the most important part of each face nowadays. Take a look at any red carpet and you will see hundreds of celebrities who had their eyebrows either microbladed or tattooed. Not only does it enhance the aesthetics of the face, but their symmetry, fullness and color really do highlight the eyes and the upper part of the face. This is the reason why many women and more and more men opt for different procedures that will help them achieve just that.

Since many opt for having their eyebrows tattooed on their face, others turn to less invasive and better options such as microblading.

But what is each, what are the differences, and who would win in the microblading vs tattoo battle?

Microshading vs. Tattooing: Everything You Need To Know

The tattooing technique is perhaps a more traditional one, with thousands and thousands of women opting just for it. This method uses needles and the ink is placed into your skin using the tapping motion.

This procedure can either be done with the help of tattooing machines which is more common or by hand, but due to the fact that the ink penetrates the brow skin deeper, this procedure is permanent, meaning that there is no going back. As far as the tattooing technique is concerned, there are a couple of designs and textures that the customers can choose from.

Perhaps the most popular one is the crisp or hard eyebrow, where the brows are tattooed using sharp, defined lines that finally look like you drew them on using an eyebrow pencil. Other techniques include the powdered or soft eyebrow, which is the best option if you want fullness over shape, and the feathered eyebrow which looks like microblading but have its drawbacks. Microblading procedure is becoming more and more popular. It also uses needles that help place the pigment into your skin.

If you want the best microbladed eyebrows, you have to pay attention to the artist that you choose and to follow the aftercare instructionsso the best idea would be to choose someone who has a certificate from PhiBrows USA, as they are proven to be the best. But the question remains — what are the microblading vs. As already mentioned, the main difference between microbladed vs. Eyebrow tattoos are permanent, which means that the shape and fullness that you choose will be with you for the rest of your life.

On the contrary, microbladed eyebrows last somewhere between 1 and 3 years depending on the quality of the procedure and if you follow the aftercare instructions. Moreover, there is the option of having touchups if you want to fix something on your microbladed eyebrows. The microblading vs tattoo battle has another category in its sleeve — which one looks more natural?

Microblading eyebrows definitely win in this one, as this procedure creates a more natural result, giving them a certain amount of depth.

On the contrary, tattooed eyebrows look drawn on and flat. Why is this? The microblading technique creates individual hair-like strokes that penetrate your skin, and they are made to look identical to the hair growth pattern that you have. Any good microblading technician, such as ones that carry PhiBrows certificate can tackle with your eyebrow look and making different spots of your eyebrows denser which definitely gives your brows a more natural look.

This can ultimately save the shape and look of your natural eyebrows. Another great difference between these two techniques is the type of color that is inserted in your skin.

Tattoo ink fades over time, thus creating a blue or green colored tint, especially around the edges. This can eventually look very ugly, as if someone drew their eyebrows using a very bad pencil. On the other hand, microblading pigment is specifically designed to fade into the lighter version of the actual color, which means that they fade more naturally.

If your artist uses good PhiBrows pigmentseven better. Image Source: Mom Trusted Choice.However, although the technique is similar in the sense that both results are achieved by inserting tint into the skin, there are numerous differences between the two. While tattoo ink is injected deep into the skin, all the way into the hypodermis, pigments used for permanent makeup are injected into the dermis.

Tattoo artists have been around for a long time. They are professional artists and for most of them, tattooing is a full time job and their only occupation. The requirements to become a permanent makeup artist vary from one country or state to another, but it mostly comes down to completing a course in a beauty school or a certified training centre. Some of the courses require a degree in cosmetology, while others do not.

Permanent makeup is an umbrella term for a whole range of different procedures such as microblading, powder brows, permanent eyeliner and even lip blush. Each of these is a separate discipline that you need to take a separate course in.

Having completed one of the courses that take a few days, you can basically start working immediately. Of course, the skill is improved with experience, but even the most basic training makes you qualified. It is a common misconception that permanent and semi-permanent makeup is basically just a face tattoo.

microblading vs tattoo eyeliner

In fact, the tecniques are fundementally different. The skin has three layers: the epidermisthe outermost layer on top of which we apply makeup; the dermiswhich is made up of connective tissue and contains hair follicles and sweat glands; and the hypodermis which is part connective tissue, part fat. This is the reason why:. The results of microblading last up to two years, permanent eyeliner needs a touch-up after about a year, while lip blush can last up to five years.

Photo by rawpixel on Pexels. Tattooing also requires different devices from permanent makeup application. Coil tattoo machines are the most common ones, while hardly anyone uses the rotary machine for tattoing. Permanent makeup, on the other hand, is almost exclusively done with a rotary machineas they use thiner needles and allow more precision. The diameter of a tattoo needle most often used is 0. When tattooing, what is injected into the skin is ink, while permanent makeup uses pigments.

Pigments used are iron oxides, usually with some water and glycerine added. Tattoo ink is made up of pigments combined with a carrier and a number of chemicals such as lead, chromium, nickel, titanuim dioxide… The list goes on. Tattoo ink comes in all colors, while permanent makeup uses black pigments, different shades of brown, and shades of pink for lip blushing. Due to the complexity and the number of ingredients tattoo ink consist of, it is far more likely but still rare to have an allegic reaction to tattoo ink than it is to pigments.

In both cases, it is advisable to choose an experienced artist and a licenced salon or tattoo parlor with decent hygiene. But mind you, the results of henna brows last a significantly shorter time. In any case, it is important to keep track of a possible reaction in the form of a rash, swelling or redness.


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The equipment. Tattoo ink vs pigments. The healing process. Tags: permanent makeuptattoo. Subscribe to PMUHub.A lot of women often think that microblading and brow tattooing is the same thing because it sounds like a similar, painful process. Although the process and the outcome is quite similar, the materials used in the drawing, as well as the longevity are quite different.

If you want to know the difference, as well as what might suit you the best, this article will shine some light up on this topic!

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup: Microblading vs Tattooing

Eyebrows give a certain definition and dimension to the face while rounding up the entire makeup look. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with luscious brow hair, so sometimes, women turn to microblading or even brow tattooing. This treatment is ideal for women who need thickness, definition, and newly shaped brows.

The process is done by a professional at a salon where the qualified staff uses needles on top of your skin.

Microblading vs. Eyebrow Tattoo: What’s The Difference

Microblading is done with a sharp and unique blade tool which will transfer the color in the second layer of your skin. They will make a straight thin line across your eyebrow and will mimic the natural shape in a few moves.

Once done, the outcome will last you for months. After that, you will have to get them touched-up. In this method, the esthetician will use needles and will create a lot of tapping motions in order to penetrate the skin. Brow tattooing is usually a good idea if you want to create fullness and thickness in the middle of your brow, but is not recommended for brow definition. There are 3 different textures that you can choose when it comes to brow tattooing, based on your desire.

This type is almost like microblading, although the process takes a lot more time. The line might not be as precise or straight as at is with microbladed brows, but the outcome is quite similar and soft. The process itself is quite alike, but the main difference is in the fact that microblading is a hand drawing process, while tattooing is done with a machine. Microblading might end up looking a lot darker during your first day recovery process.

After this time, they will fade and come back to their normal color. Tattoos, on the other hand, are drawn and filled in with ink. This ink is a lot stronger and it can end up looking quite harsh in time. Tattoos can get a lot lighter, darker, or can sometimes even pick up a blue-ish or green-ish tone. Just as it is with tattoos, this ink can spread and end up looking thicker. Every lady wants to get through this process pain-free.

Although this sometimes is not possible like in this caseyou can still choose your preferred option. During the microblading process, the esthetician will use a topical anesthetic over your brow which will numb the pain. Also, women with thin or brittle skin might end up with traumas on their skin.

They might end up with blotchy or smudged brows with possible scars. Besides the possible injuries, it is also very important to set your budget and to know your preference. Someone who loves dark and full brows, especially filled in the middle, will love the tattoed ones the most. Your email address will not be published. Microblading VS Tattoo Eyebrows — All You Need To Know A lot of women often think that microblading and brow tattooing is the same thing because it sounds like a similar, painful process.

What Is Microblading? What Is Brow Tattooing? Brow tattooing is a lot like typical tattooing. This way they will place ink onto the skin, and the outcome will become more permanent. Also, tattooed brows will last you for a lifetime as a normal tattoo would.

Different Types Of Tattooed Eyebrows 1. Crisp Brow A defined brow with harsher lines. Looks a lot like it was done by a marker.Originally published on February 23, Updated February 23, with additional information and comments from professional makeup artists. The eyebrows play a significant role in the aesthetics of the face.

The shape, fullness, and symmetry of the brows all work together to highlight the eyes and frame the upper face. If you have thin or patchy eyebrows there is a non-invasive treatment that can instantly improve the eyebrow area: microblading.

Microblading is a popular eyebrow enhancement technique that improves the shape, definition, and thickness of the brows.

The microblading technique uses a specialized hand-held tool with a unique blade to deposit dye into the second dermal layer of the skin, creating very fine strokes that mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hair. People often think microblading is a type of tattoo. While the techniques may sound similar, microblading and eyebrow tattooing are very different. This post will compare the major differences between microblading and eyebrow tattoos. Microblading is a technique performed by an aesthetician which leads to natural looking, fuller eyebrows.

Microblading vs Tattoo: 5 Differences You Should Know

After applying a numbing cream, tiny incisions are made in the brow which mimic your natural hairs. These incisions are then filled with pigment. Microblading is relatively painless, thanks to the numbing cream applied beforehand and the shallow cuts of the microblade. You should experience little to no bleeding. A minimal amount of pigment is used, which allows color to stay put within the incisions, without bleeding outward.

Microblading fades over time, and the results of microblading can last anywhere from years. Eyebrow tattooing is just like any other tattoo. Your tattoo artist uses a tattoo needle which is supplied with ink and hooked up to a power source. The needle repeatedly penetrates your skin with a quick tapping motion to apply ink to the deeper layers of the dermis. Tattooing is permanent, although colors may fade and lines may blur over time. For most people, the most significant difference between microblading and eyebrow tattoos is the longevity of the results each provides.

Eyebrow tattoos are permanent. Once the ink is tattooed onto the skin it is there for life although undesirable fading of the ink as mentioned above is possible. This is very different from microblading, where the results typically last about 6 months to a year. The semi-permanent nature of microblading allows patients the ability to change the appearance of their brow as trends and styles change.

Microblading pigments come in organic or inorganic varieties, in a range of several colors.Many people are still unfamiliar and have a very big misconception and distrust for the permanent makeup industry, but this is understandable considering how tragic permanent brows looked 10 or 20 years ago but they have come a long way and now they are no longer tragic, they are magic!

When it comes to shading on eyebrows many people still think of tattooing or permanent makeup from the past. Super thin, arched and deep, but shading has had a facelift in the last decade. We all remember that scary aunt with blue eyebrows and we wonder how she got there. The brow industry has had a makeover. No longer is the thin harsh deep line a thing. So what is shading?

What do all these new words mean? Shading can mean something slightly different depending on which office or studio you choose, so make sure you ask a lot of questions about the services provided. Styles vary from company to company but the basis is the same. A tiny needle zips in and out of the brow implanting ink into the skin.

The number of passes over the brow area that your artist does will depend on the desired outcome. Shading that is subtle, transparent and light will look more natural and can be used to blend voided skin areas with more hairier parts on the brows.

A shading combo is exactly that. Got no brow tails but perfect fronts? You are a great candidate for a combo, got no fronts only tails? Once again, you are a great candidate for shading! Shading is also great for people who have over-plucked creating a thin line on hair. Shading can fill in these gaps while keeping it natural and subtle. Do your research. Make sure you spend the time chatting with a brow professional and speak about the desired outcome.

Firstly, you must get the education you need about what the treatment entails and then secondly when you are with your artist you will get to see the shape drawn on you.

This way you can feel a lot more sure about the outcome. Brow trends are ever-changing so make sure you choose something that is going to be versatile.

Remember, these kinds of treatments can last many years. The time it will remain will be dependent on your age, skin tone, the depth the pigment is placed in the skin, and how much sun exposure you receive. There are a lot of permanents make up gone wrong, so it is imperative to make sure you feel certain about making the decision to get semi-permanent makeup. A trained professional can help!

These are, of course, the most common type of questions people have. The answer is unique to each person and studio. Treatments typically take around hours, including the consultation and anesthetic. It may seem like a long time but a true artist will want to take their time and strive for perfection. The cost will vary widely based on locale and the caliber of the artist. It may be hard to resist going with the cheapest artist but remember, this is on your face for years!

Cheap brows are never good and good brows are never cheap!! Recovery is very manageable. You will be able to return to work and social activities the next day.Microblading, digital microblading, micro-pigmentation, semi-permanent make-up, henna brows, machine method, and eyebrow tattooing are just a few from the ocean of the treatment options one will find.

Despite being different terms, they all mean more or less the same thing in the process or end result with only the difference in their respective longevities: a brow artist or technician deposits a small amount of pigment under the skin, creating a semi-permanent desirable brow shape that lasts from several months or years.

Here is an evaluation by Reign Studios Brow Experts, explaining the difference in two of the main techniques available, i. So, what exactly is Microblading? Microblading might just be the treatment for you if you are someone suffering from overplucked eyebrows, or simply have thin and sparse arches or distortion in the shape.

The key to the most amazing brow look lies in the highly aesthetic minds and dexterous hands of the brow experts who use a manual needle-like blade to create tiny cuts on the area to be treated filling it with the pigment to mimic the look of real hairs giving natural-looking brow look.

The needle-made incisions are so tiny and cause minimal to no bleeding with the pain as a minimum to getting the threading done, but can very well be dealt with the numbing cream that is applied prior to the treatment — big thanks to it! And now what is Eyebrow Tattooing? The eyebrow tattooing is similar to getting tattooed on any part of the body. But with what we call eyebrow tattooing, the artists use a machine to insert the ink into your skin by using the tapping motion, enabling the deeper ink penetration into the area to be treated.

Microblading vs tattooing Microblade and Tattooed eyebrows are the big-time frequent questions being asked. Both the treatments are more or less the same, i. Microblading and eyebrow tattooing are considered to be the same in the context of both the technique used and the final outcome.

The reality, however, is different since the type of ink used and the lasting duration of the pigments in both the treatments differ irrespective of both of them delivering the same end result, carrying out a similar treatment process.

Pros and Cons of Microblading Pros:. Microblading vs. Eyebrow Tattoo: The Right Choice? If you are also planning to get a revolutionary brow look reform, Reign Studios is the best brow studio in the industry for all your brow treatments and consultation.

Visit your nearest Reign Studio today or book an appointment online at www. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Have you ever thought or wanted to wake up with long, fluttery, glamorous l Eyelash extensions have only made the lives of us women easier.

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microblading vs tattoo eyeliner

Be wake up ready with NovaLash Eyelash Extensions Have you ever thought or wanted to wake up with long, fluttery, glamorous l Do a carefree workout with novalash eyelash extensions Eyelash extensions have only made the lives of us women easier.

You cant swim with Eyelash extensions is it a myth or reality We have often heard the talks of people getting uncertain of their decision of g You might also enjoy. Be party-ready with Novalash eyelash extensions. Be wake up ready with NovaLash Eyelash Extensions. Do a carefree workout with novalash eyelash extensions. You cant swim with Eyelash extensions is it a myth or reality.Microblading takes forever to heal, needs frequent touch-ups every 6 to 12 months and basically is a one time deal, because after few touch ups it will look more like a solid powdered eyebrow rather than an individual hair.

To tattoo eyebrows I use traditional manual Japanese tattooing technique known as Tebori or Soft -Tap. Based on my personal experience Soft -Tap is the best, least painful and safest eyebrows tattooing technique.

It looks soft and natural, it also heals much faster and lasts much longer than microblading. It also works well with any skin type and after 2 initial applications it can last 2 to 3 years depending on client's sun exposure Please scroll down to read more about Soft -Tap vs Microblading technique. MIcrobladed Eyebrows : Immediately after the procedure: Eyebrows microbladed by one of the best and very experienced technician.

MIcrobladed Eyebrows The same eyebrows microbladed by one of the best and very experienced technician starting to heal with the crust slowly chipping away together with the color after about 3 to 4 days post procedure. MIcrobladed Eyebrows The same eyebrows microbladed by one of the best and very experienced technician after about 2 weeks of healing.

As you can see most of the color and sharp lines are gone leaving merely a shadow. The beginning of the eyebrow is not a tattoo -it is customer's own hair. Healed Microbladed Eyebrows done by industry's top microbladers. Microbladed eyebrows after 3 to 6 months. Soft tap technique eyebrows before they were done by Lana Schluter.

Soft tap technique healed after only one session!!! Far superior to microblading techniquewith much better color retention, faster healing time and no skin damagelonger color retentionless of visits are needed to build the eyebrows color. Better shape retention. Done by Lana Schluter via soft tap technique. Thinking about getting permanent makeup or having your eyebrows microbladed?

microblading vs tattoo eyeliner

Say NO to thick eyebrows tattoo. Btw microblading is a tattooTrust me with this one - just say NO! Say NO to microblading or any other type of hair drawing technique unless you wish to end-up with big, uneven and patchy looking eyebrows as they fade, and they do fade very fast but never completely.

microblading vs tattoo eyeliner

Regardless of what your technician is telling you, microbladed eyebrows will never fade away completely and it will be very difficult for you to trace them to maintain your eyebrow's shape since faded microbladed eyebrows look very patchy, spread out and ambiguous.

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